Jeremy's Corner

Jeremy - Duffa Kupp

This is Jeremy. aka Duffa Kupp, aka Duffa King dog. He is a rescue, a particularly difficult to place rescue. He was returned twice before we brought him home.

King Dog

He was very frightened of people in general, quick movements, noises, thunderstorms etc. and described as "male reactive". We had to lay down and slowly belly crawl to approach him the first day or two. He bonded with my Wife within the first week or so. He is very good-natured, sweet, and gentle. However, every time I entered the house Jeremy loudly announced my arrival. I work nights and get home between 1am and 3am, so everyone in the house, and more than likely the neighbors as well, knew exactly when I got home. I never felt threatened by him, he was just letting mom know I was home. After a few weeks of this, I jokingly gave him the nick name "Duffa Kupp", as in "will you shut duffa kupp". That sparked the idea for the original Duffa Kupp. Given his King of the castle status, also made him "Duffa King Dog"

Duffa King Dog

It took about 6 months for him to stop barking when I got home. Once he realized when dad gets home I go into the kitchen to get something to eat, so Jeremy can get a snack. Best buds now.

Best Buds

Jeremy has found his happy forever home.

Happy Forever Home

We thought Jeremy might want a friend, so we took him back and he picked Elsa

Rescue a Friend

Duffa King wants to help organizations that find forever homes for these animals. That's why a portion of every sale will be donated to charitable organizations that house and place rescue animals like Jeremy and Elsa. In addition there is a donation line in the shopping cart to add a percentage of your purchase to Jeremy's Corner. Duffa King will match your 5% donation to Jeremy's Corner and will donate these funds to organizations like the one where Jeremy and Elsa came from.

Jeremy's Corner